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Saana Volanen: certain light


 Open call for Europe based light art curators: Mini residency in Helsinki 


Finnish Light Art Society FLASH announces a curatorial mini residency in Helsinki, Finland, January 4th to 7th 2024. The residency is organised in collaboration with Lux Helsinki Festival. It includes the light art symposium of Lux Helsinki, meeting Finnish and international light artists and light art professionals, visiting Lux Helsinki and other light art exhibitions in Helsinki, Hyvinkää and Turku, and the utmost highlight in the light art social calendar: the 7th birthday party of the Society.  

The residency is free of charge and includes travel costs, accommodation and exhibition tickets. There is a maximum of seven spots available via open call. Priority is given to curators with experience in light art, but we’d like to invite curators with incipient interest in light art to apply as well. The residency is for Europe based curators, Finland excluded. The residency is for free-lancers and curators with permanent position alike. 


The journey to Helsinki should happen by ground and/or sea. Flying is accepted in exceptional circumstances only. The Society assists in travel planning, if needed.


To apply, send an informal application to Society’s curator Mia Kivinen, by August 20th, 2023. The application should not exceed 5000 characters in total and it should include: 

• Short introduction and merit list 

• Your relation to and experience of light art 

• Three Finland based light artists you’d like to meet. You may check for references, but the artists don’t have to be listed there. The BLAF database is updated regularly.

• The starting point of your journey to Helsinki  

• Your contact information. You may also include your home page address or equivalent.

• Anything else you might want to tell us 

The participants are chosen by the curators of FLASH, Ms. Mia Kivinen and Ms. Anna Björklund, by August 28th, 2023. All the applicants will be informed of the decisions. 


Further questions? Contact Ms. Kivinen,  


The residency is supported by EU NextGeneration. 

Lux Helsinki
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